Joel Young

About Joel

Joel Young is a versatile and prolific singer/songwriter, recording artist, and performer.  From the age of nine he taught himself to play multiple instruments, performed all over North America as a solo act and with bands, and gained valuable experience in U.S. and Canadian recording studios.

The type of music Joel plays on stage depends entirely on the venue and what type of audience is expected to be there. He’s completely comfortable singing and playing almost any type of music that appeals to most age groups. His extensive experience in piano bars, dance halls, coffeehouses and studios has given him the ability to wear many different hats as a performer.

He uses backing tracks for some performances, particularly when dancing is involved. These tracks are custom created by Joel himself in his music studio, and usually consist of only bass and drums; though there are some tracks that include extra instruments such as string or brass arrangements to enhance the music where it could otherwise be a bit dull.

It is worth mentioning that none of the backing tracks are downloaded from the Web, nor purchased from other sources, nor hired out to be created by a third party. Everything you hear is played by Joel.


As for writing and recording, it’s hard to put a label on Joel’s style. It is much different than what he brings to the stage.  His influences come from a lot of artists, genres, and life experience. One might best describe his style as ‘Alternative New Age Folk-based Pop/Rock’. Seriously, that’s the best way to put it. There are no rules when he writes, it just comes out the way it wants to come out; and that can mean almost anything.

This versatility of writing comes in handy when he performs, since he can choose songs that suit whatever audience he’s playing for.


For bookings and studio work within Atlantic Canada, and to hire or collaborate worldwide as a writer/composer, use the following contact information:



902-578-8628 (leave message if necessary)

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