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All Messed Up (With Nowhere to Go)

Written in October 1993, recorded in June 1994, this song was challenge to myself as a non-Country artist to write a Country song. At the time I was performing mostly all Country music at my gigs, so I did have some experience with the genre, but for the fun of it I wanted to write one. There are no dogs or trucks in it, but I think it works anyway.

This song is available for purchase here.

Love Is Blind

A piece of ancient history. This is an original song recorded in 1983 with my band, The Establishment, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama; recorded on a 4-track reel-to-reel tape machine.
If you’re familiar with Joe Scarborough, the former U.S. Congressman and longtime co-host of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’, then you’ll find it interesting to hear him on this recording.

Band members of The Establishment for this track:
– Joel Young (Bass, Lead Vocals)
– Joe Scarborough (Rhythm Guitar)
– Ken Freitag (Lead Guitar)
– Dave “Chico” Pawlak (Drums, Lead and Backup Vocals)

Words & music for the verses and chorus were written by me.
Words & music for the bridge (that cool middle part with the genius chord changes) were written by Dave.

Heart of Gold (cover)

Doing Neil Young’s classic, “Heart of Gold”.
Breton Brewing, Co. – Sydney River, Nova Scotia
October 6, 2017

Letter From Cape Breton

Written: 1986
Recorded: 1997

There aren’t many of my recordings that survived the transition to modern digital media. In fact, almost all of them reside on the Digital Audio Tape (DAT) format, which is obsolete, so I have no way to make copies from that format.

“Letter From Cape Breton” is one of the very few that I’ve managed to salvage from old cassette tapes. It was written a couple months after I moved to Cape Breton, back when the fishing and coal mining industries were still alive here, and very much a part of Cape Breton life. Sadly, there is no more coal mining, and the fishing industry has lost some momentum as well. Times have changed.


This song was first recorded in 1987 at the CBI studios in Sydney, for a CBC radio show called Talent Cape Breton. The terms of the contract prevents me from publishing that recording anywhere, which is why I recorded my own version in 1997 in my home studio in New Waterford. This is that version.




Simple Life

Written: 1985
Recorded: 1989

This is another one that I managed to salvage from old tapes, and was originally recorded in 1987 during the same sessions as “Letter From Cape Breton” above. Again, the terms of the contract prevents me from publishing that recording anywhere, so I recorded my own version in 1989 in my basement apartment.

The CBC version lacks the string arrangement I originally envisioned for the song, so I made sure to include it in this version, along with an arpeggiated piano part that has heavy delay and reverb added.


Dave Reynolds of CJCB (Sydney, Nova Scotia) played this song almost every morning in the summer of 1989, just before his “Talk Back” radio show.